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CA Driving Lessons
California Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Teen License Looking for a driving school to that offers driving lessons that fulfill CA DMV licensing requirements for teens? With TeenLicense.com, you get lessons by a licensed driving school and so much more. Not only do we teach basic driving skills in both residential and business districts, we also offer advanced classes for freeway driving, canyon driving, and DMV drive test preparation. Combine this with our state-of-the-art training vehicles, our industry-renowned instructors, and state-approved curriculum and you have a driving school experience that can't be beat!

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CA Driving School Advantages of Our Driving School 

  • We teach students to developing a good driving attitude that is both courteous to other drivers and utilizes defensive driving techniques

  • Learn it all: Rules of the road, street sign meanings, right-of-way procedures, and how to handle obstacles

  • Basic Driving Package includes an "introduction to the Freeway" which entails merging onto the freeway, driving on the freeway, discussing freeway basics, and exiting freeway

  • Take an additional Freeway Intensive Lesson: includes lane change practice, merging onto and exiting the freeway, handling freeway interchanges, and defensive driving techniques

    Driving Lessons With All the Benefits 

    Teen License Driving Schools

  • Not only are our Instructors qualified, they are friendly, patient, and have had prior experience working with youths

  • We offer basic driving lessons as well as canyon lessons, freeway lessons, and DMV test preparation lessons

  • All applicable driver training packages come with DMV completion certificates with free delivery (and rush delivery available for an additional charge)

  • Get the feedback you want with customized progress reports made after each lesson for your son or daughter

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  • Three Questions You May Have About Driving Lessons
  • How many driver training vehicles are in your fleet?
  • Will you take my teenager on the freeway during a driving lesson?
  • Do you teach canyon driving and defensive driving techniques?

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